KONSA ENERJİ, first established within KONUK ISI to provide contracting services in 2004 and in 2009, has become a different company, serving especially in engineering, construction, installation, maintenance, project supervision and management, feasibility and consultancy. Today, more than 35 projects have been completed, and have more than 120 permanent employees, and has a structure to be able to support and guide a 300-400 persons team according to the projects. Because of success obtained by carried out projects since the day it began to operate as contracting group with in KONUK ISI, KONSA ENERJİ has grown rapidly and become a company facing to future with confidence. 

Since 2004, reinforced its experiences by performing projects especially for important institutions such as petroleum and gas facilities, that contribute to industrialization of our country and it has continued way by strengthening machinery-equipment park and qualified personnel day by day. KONSA ENERJİ has completed many major infrastructure and industrial projects to date and continues to serve with the similar new projects.

In a short time, KONSA ENERJİ has managed to be among the most trusted suppliers of many important companies for national economy, by business ethics and compliance with standards, timely delivery of undertaken projects such as maintenance, assembly and disassembly of heat exchangers, cleaning of line, surface and heat exchanger tubes by using high-pressure water jets, column modifications, tank farms, tank repairs, pipelines, maintenance facilities of petroleum refineries, assembly and disassembly of scaffolding, boiler pipe assembly and disassembly of the boiler of power plants, furnace maintenance of petrochemical plants, assembly and disassembly of equipment, all kinds of steel construction works, construction and renovation works.

Given importance to employment of qualified personnel, to keep pace with the constantly changing and evolving conditions of the world; by this specialized, dynamic and young team, to become a SINGLE Contractor providing complete solutions is identified as main objective. During all projects, commercial reputation is complimented by more than financial reputation and the main principles of its structure are persevering and faithful, forwarding with strong and sure steps, adapting to the current situation quickly, providing professional solutions and recommendations.

Quality Management System is constantly being developed, according to our missions and visions with the support of all employees. 
Requirements and developments related with "Occupational Health and Safety" and "Environment" are followed, and the systems are continuously developed along these lines and applications carried out successfully.

Our company is constantly adhering to the following principles for the awareness of all personnel ;
  • To do it right and once,
  • To resolve consisting inconveniences as soon as and take the necessary steps to be not repeat,
  • To improve the applied systems continuously by the thought "how can I do this better", 
  • To ensure teamwork, and its success, instead of individual achievement,
  • By learning the things we do not know together, by sharing our knowledge and growing together by educating each other,
  • To improve the Quality Management System, by following the developments in the world technology and by increasing qualifications of all level staffs with continuous trainings,
  • To ensure the use of appropriate equipment by performing training for the awareness of all personnel about Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental issues.